Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gnome Do, Gnome Keyring and Auto login

I like using Gnome-Do as my application launcher. You can install it in Ubuntu Hardy Heron by following this instruction. Try it! I also use it for update my twitter. Therefore, Gnome-Do uses gnome-keyring to keep my twitter account detail.
The problem starts when I enable auto login feature[1]. When I restarted my computer and login to my desktop, pop up will show asking me to insert my password.

pop up asking for password to access gnome-keyring

After searching for a while, I could not find the solution. However, I came across a workaround from other bug in launchpad[2]. To eliminate this pop up.

  • Go to System -> Preferences -> Encryption and Keyrings

  • select the Password Keyrings tab
  • select the default entry, and click on Change Unlock Password;
  • Insert your old password and leave new password BLANK

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[2] -