Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Ipod and Itunes

After I've got Ipod nano from company for free (actually using performance points), I quite obsessed about it. I spent many hours last week playing itunes and transferring to my Ipod.
Next thing I did was going into itune store. Because itune store doesn't support in my country, I tried to get the account with store in US with my credit card and faked address. However, my credit card isn't working in US, so I couldn't have account by this way. BTW Apple charged me $1 (For what reason you charged me, Apple !!!) , so I recommended that you should not use this approach. I googled around and found another method, redeeming code, if you want to know how to have one just google "free iTunes account".

After fooling around many days with iTunes library and album artwork ( the free feature when you have iTunes account), I noticed that some of my album didn't have the artwork. Therefore I double check my songs information with iTunes store. Nothing wrong, it is 100% correct because iTunes will use only artist and album name for searching artworks. So, I google around and found many methods, but they aren't what I want, many of them try to get pictures manually from iTunes server. After spending many hours, I noticed that in iTunes store, they have different albums artwork for clean and explicit albums. As to test, I just append "(explicit)" to my album name. Can you guess what happens, Yes, "Get Album Artwork" does work now. How easily it was.

To sum up, the tip: if you can't get album artwork for your songs in itunes and you're sure that the album's name is correct, try to append "(Explicit)" or "(Clean)" to your song album's name and download artwork again.

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