Thursday, July 3, 2008

Programs for new computer

Finally, I can dig myself up to post new content. Yesterday, I couldn't access Google and Yahoo and there is a advertising pop up on my notebook. So, I realized that my computer was infected by some kind of spyware. First, I tried to remove it by myself through msconfig and regedit, but it's not work. Therefore, I had to format and reinstall Windows. After installing Windows, I still needed to install other software that I normally used. Sometimes, I forgeted the program that I don't frequently use. So, I want to list basic programs, that I used, as a reminder for me and which might prove useful to others.

Open source and Freeware
  • Firefox - Popular web browser.
  • Adobe Flash Player - Flash player plugin for Firefox
  • 7zip - Archieve utilities, free and support zip, 7z, rar, etc.
  • Imgburn - Nice image burner. support ISO, BIN, CUE, etc.
  • Orbitdownloader - Download manager. After testing many download manager, I find it most favorable because of its GUI and usability.
  • Unlocker - Release windows lock unused resources.
  • Notepad++ - IMHO, Best editor for Windows.
  • Daemon-tools - Virtual CD emulator.
  • AIMP - Very nice music player from Russia, replacement for winamp.
  • Itunes - necessary for apple product's owner such as Ipod, Iphone.
  • KMPlayer - Movie player, can play almost every format without codecs
  • Real Alternative - Needed for playing real's files (.rm) on KMPlayer
  • Launchy - Launcher for windows. ALT+Space and there you go..
  • Pidgin - IM, support many protocols, MSN, Gtalk, IRC etc. I hate to open many programs. Digsby is also great, but it doesn't support Thai yet.
  • Skype - Free calls on the internet.
  • Paint.Net - Less feature than Photoshop, but adequate for normal user.
  • Picasa - Photo managerment from Google
  • Sun JDK - Java for developer, normal user use JRE
  • Eclipse - IDE for java developer
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader - PDF file reader
Note: commercial software = nearly free software in Thailand because you can find a lot of pirate cd.

However, when I completed reinstall Windows and all programs, I still get pop up in my new Windows. Therefore, I had to reformat again (What a waste of time!). This time, I back up my windows with Norton ghost in Hiren's boot CD and install program one by one. Finally, the problem was in patch file for acrobat 9.0 which I loaded from Bittorrent. It contained virus. So, I switched to Foxit instead. I spent 2 days on reinstalling windows and finding spyware. This story shows that pirate software is dangerous, please use with caution.


taiko said...

what's the pop up you mention in the last paragraph??
by the way, do u know how to reinstall window on the machine that has both window and ubuntu??

ps. it's been a long time i didn't follow others' posts, i should addict to RSS more.

Patanachai said...

I mean advertisement pop up.

for the 2nd question, I think you should change to windows boot loader and reinstall windows, then install grub as boot loader.