Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How to disable autorun in windows XP

Nowadays many viruses, malwares, spywares, and worms often spread themselves from an infected computer to other computers via usb drive. By using Autorun.inf file ,which automatically detect and run in windows, they can copy and execute themselves into a victim computer. Therefore, using autorun on usb drive in windows isn't a wise decision. Here's how to turn it off.
  1. run gpedit.msc using run command (start button -> run). This will open group policy windows.
  2. under Computer Configuration, click Administrative Templates then System.
  3. find Turn off Autoplay Setting on the right panel and double-click it. Then, choose enable. It will allow us to edit bottom area. Choose all drives from 'Turn off Autoplay on' drop down list. Finally click apply or ok.

Another good way to help preventing viruses without additional programs. However, this method works only in windows XP professional edition.

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