Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gnome Do and Gnome Keyring again in Jaunty Jackalop

Same problem with the previous post. However, the location and procedure to solve the problem have changed in Ubuntu 9.04.

pop up asking for password to access gnome-keyring

After trying for a while, I found the change keyring password in Passwords and Encrytion Keys. For detailed work around
  • Go to Applications -> Accessories -> Passwords and Encrytion Encryption Keysand Keyrings

  • select the Passwords tab
  • select the default entry, and right click then select Change Unlock Password;
  • Insert your old password and leave new password BLANK

I don't try this by myself, but I believe this solution also work on Intrepid Ibex.


Anonymous said...

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Chatchavan said...

Was it because of Ake is online? :)