Monday, August 24, 2009

Tough trip to Bloomington, IN

I have been to US for a while, but I didn't update my status. First of all, let's me complain about my flight. Normal routine will take about 26 hours including waiting time and shuttle bus time from Indianapolis to Bloomington. Unfortunately, there was a delay between the domestic flight from Chicago to Indianapolis. That caused me a lot of trouble since I would arrive very close for the departure time of last shuttle bus on that day. Moreover, United Airline also lost my baggage during that flight. As a result, I definitely missed the last shuttle at 10:40pm because I had to claim my baggage at customer service, and had to stay at the airport until 6:40am. However, unfortunate event doesn't stop, I'd known after I purchased $25 shuttle bus ticket that there was a $15 bus service from Star of America (So for anyone going to Bloomington use this bus). After arriving Bloomington and staying at Indiana Memorial Union a couple of day, everything gets better. I recovered from fatigue and my bag also arrived at the hotel.

Indiana Memorial Union Hotel

I have quite a lot of free time before the class starts. Many new things to learn, many new things to see. Bloomington is a quiet town when I had arrived. Nevertheless, many students come back to their school today (and will be more on Wednesday), the town becomes more vivacious. From the information I get, Bloomington will be more beautiful in fall. Let's wait and see.

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