Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Windows 7

I have changed from Ubuntu to Windows 7 RC for two months. I think I need a license OS when I go to US and my ASUS M9V doesn't come with it. Although, Ubuntu is very good open source OS, I need some software which is available only on windows (or works best with it) such as Skype, etc. Another reason is I want to try Windows 7 because I'm going to buy a new notebook and of course, I prefer Windows [Bye MAC :( ]. I hope I get it before my Windows 7 RC expired.

Windows 7 Desktop Screen

I've to say that Windows 7 looked Nice! In my opinion, it consumes less Ram, faster than Vista and more beautiful, secure than XP. The things that I'm most admired in Windows 7 are new "Taskbar" and "System Tray". Taskbar is more like MAC's Dock, the coolest feature are program pinning and preview windows. About System Tray, you can specific icons and notifications that you want to hide or show.
Finally, Windows 7 RC is not much stable (I reinstall firefox about 10 times), but I can bare with it and I hope RTM will much more better.

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Anonymous said...

Skype is easily installed on most flavours of linux actually.